RT und RV (2019)

Raubtiere und Raubvögel.
A Twentieth century German manual of Zoology, from which some plates are excerpted and reproduced on glass, and the real illustrations of an animal anatomy book for artists (Leipzig 1898).

2019 RV 01 bis 20x30
RV 01, 2019, 20×30 (private collection).


RV 02, 2019, 20×30.


RT 01, 2019, 20×30.


RT 02, 2019, 20×30.







Polifilo, Raubtiere (2018)

Inspired by Poliphilo’s encounter with a wolf on the island of Cythera, the series of plates from a 19th-century German publication on zoology, depicting animal predators is superimposed on 15th-century Venetian engravings from Hypnerotomachia Poliphili (The Dream of Poliphilus).


Spuglia FC D 01


Spuglia FC D 02


Spuglia FC D 03


Spuglia FC D 04


Spuglia FC D 05