From Cythera series C (2018)

Six woodcuts from the Hypnerotomachia Poliphili (Venice, 1499) are superimposed on photographs of actual places. Although these places are situated in a classical archaeological universe, they cannot be found on the Greek island of Cythera. Instead, they constitute my own  Cythera.


Spuglia FCC 01
FCC 01. The ruins of Polyandron.


Spuglia FCC 02
FCC 02. The triumph of Semele.


Spuglia FCC 03
FCC 03. The bath of Venus.


Spuglia FCC 04
FCC 04. The garden of Cythera.


Spuglia FCC 05
FCC 05. The encounter with the wolf.


Spuglia FCC 06
FCC 06. The three doors.




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