Polytechnio (Anni Settanta, quattro).

Polytechnio, 2023 (Anni Settanta trittico quattro).
Three pieces 26×42 cm lead framed. Print on paper, digital print on glass.

The main inspiration for this little project is the film secretly made by  Nicolas Vernicos in November 16 and 17 1973, in front of the National Technical University of Athens:

Aylon Film Archives

The following text was taken from the Aylon Film Archives website:

The Athens Polytechnic uprising occurred in November 1973 as a massive student demonstration of popular rejection of the Greek military junta of 1967–1974, which had imposed a dictatorship in Greece on April 21, 1967.
The uprising began on November 14 with the occupation by students of The National (Metsovian) Technical University of Athens, which escalated into an anti-dictatorship protest, as thousands of citizens gathered there. The occupation ended in the early hours of November 17 when a tank invaded the university’s main entrance followed by the police and the army. The uprising triggered a series of events that caused the injury and the death of many civilians and led many others to imprisonment and torture. The filmmaker Nicolas A. Vernicos is in a room of the “Acropol” hotel, across the university. He records the events secretly.

I superimposed threes still from Nicolas Vernicos movie with three plates from Francesco Colonna Hypnerotomachia Poliphili (The Dream of Poliphilus, Aldo Manuzio, Venezia 1499), colored in red. No relation between them, apart from the confrontation of two – or three, with Ritsos poem – possible ‘’greeknesses’’ (Please refer to my website article: From Cythera series C).

The reproduced plates: Tryumph of Semele, Poliphilus encounters the Woolf, Dream of Poliphilus.

Yannis Ritsos poem ‘’Transparency’’, which appears in the second piece, is translated into Italian by Nicola Crocetti and into French by Nassia Linardou.


Polytechnio 01 (Tryumph of Semele), 26×42, 2023.
Polytechnio 02 (Poliphilus encounters the Woolf), 26×42, 2023.
Polytechnio 03 (Dream of Poliphilus), 26×42, 2023.