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Conversation with Zoran Janic, 2019

I cannot conceive of art or an artist detached from any historical context, and the context of my artistic (and associated political) formation and commitment was…

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Entretien Puglia-Balaÿ, novembre 2009

DB : WebSYNradio propose aux artistes les archives d’UBUWeb comme point de départ : tu les a explorées d’une façon particulière, peux tu nous faire part de ce que tu y as trouvé, et qui ?

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An Art of the Possible, Puglia-Fynsk, 1997

Some time ago, two years perhaps, Puglia sent me the reproduction of an old photograph shadowed with an X-ray image.  It showed a man in a chair in a severe, upright posture, a demonstrative posture of some kind (was this originally for medical purposes?).  He had affixed two red lines from corner to corner, effectively […]

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