RnS, Rovine nella selva (2023).

This just-completed series is the culmination of a work I have revisited several times in recent years (2016, 2022). The hiking maps previously used as a background were replaced by military maps. A striking addition is the phrase “Et in Arcadia Ego” (Guercino, Poussin) spelled out in a succession of red fluorescent letters.
For the short text (Italian) accompanying the work in its entirety, see:
Rovine nella selva 2022.
This series follows an earlier one (2016-2017), which features sites in the same region (Tuscia, Latium) and plays with the relationship between image and text, and specifically Dante Alighieri’s Purgatorio XXVIII (“dentro alla selva antica…”):
Ruins in the Forest series A.

RnS 01, Vallerosa.

RnS 02, Fratenuti.

RnS 03, Sutri.

RnS 04, Rofalco.

RnS 05, Civita.

RnS 06, Poggio Conte.

RnS 07, Norchia.

RnS 08, Grotta  Porcina.

RnS 09, Castro.

Rns 10, Cuccumella.