Millenovecento (2018-2019)

Below are works from a new series on the Ex voto theme, featuring red fluorescent shapes painted on paper documents. The subject is, plainly, “my” XXth Century. The Ex voto series was created and exhibited from 2004 to 2006. This new series is photography based: a black and white image printed directly on glass is superimposed on a “re-painted” found paper.

2017 Civiltà romana 06 30x30


2019 Ara Poliphili 02 20x30

Spuglia Ex voto bis 17 20x30

Spuglia Ex voto bis 18 20x30


Millenovecento, installation in progress (140×220 cm):
Ex voto bis montage


Ex voto installation, 2006 (200×350 cm):

Déjà, Espace Commines, Paris


2006 Ex voto 01

Déjà 01

Déjà 02



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